Access to Files

I just burned the latest Open-Suse and am working from the CD to test it. A problem I immediately found was that I can’t access my hard drive (access denied) or the files on my remote Windows XP computer.
I have a wired connections, and with other Linux distros I can freely access and write to those files.

You’ll have a better chance of an answer if you repost your query in the Networking Forum. Also search for swerdna and his Samba howto, that’s probably the first answer you will get.

To access the drives in the computer that’s running the live CD → you need to mount the drives. The simplest way depends a bit on which CD you’re running. What is it (tell us the version of Suse 11.0, 11.1, 11.2? and whether it’s Gnome or KDE?).

Thanks for the reply. It’s 11.2, the one that came out yesterday, I think, and KDE.

Maybe you are confused.
Open terminal and type these, and post the result.

cat /etc/SuSE-release
kde4-config --version


kde-config --version

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Here’s how to access filesystems with the live CD of openSUSE 11.2:

Open Dolphin file manager (bottom panel left hand side fourth icon from the left, looks like a file cabinet). In the left of the Dolphin GUI is a list of “Places”. They include all the partitions. Click any partition name and it should be mounted and should allow access.

Regarding Samba shares on remote computers: in the “Places” column in the Dolphin file manager you will see an icon labelled “Network”. Click that and then click the icon labelled “Samba Shares” in the right hand side.

I guess I posted here from ignorance, sheer ignorance. I apologize. I will try in the future to post any questions in the proper places. In any case, my question was answered and I’m sailing along with a following wind now and a clear day. Thanks.

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