About the definition of iscsi lio iqn

I want to use iscsi lio for Cctv camera recordings. But I have to enter the camera’s iQn information for the icsi target. What do I have to do to allow camera access without cctv camera iqn. I closed the authorization. But when I do not enter the cctv camera info, iSCSI target requires authorization. What should I do to solve this problem?

(I’m sorry for my bad english.)

Been awhile since I’ve installed iSCSI, but IIRC it’s now what YaST sets up for you.

I’d start with that…
How did you set your iSCSI… and did you use YaST?

Seems to me that in the process of setup, you have to set up your iSCSI targets which means that the identifiers are there plain and simple to see.

As for your camera,
How your camera is set up probably determines what your issue is.
In most cases, the iSCSI data storage is accessed by the underlying OS, which means if your camera is attached to a “computer system,” then the camera system is configured to access the storage and the camera is therefor simply an I/O device… The camera itself is not configured to access data storage directly. This would also be the case if your camera is an integrated device (The camera server is built into the camera)… The camera itself can still be considered separate from the “camera server” part and even in that case you would have to know something about the “camera server” to know what to do.

But, even if you are currently having problems setting up your camera, you can at least test whether you iSCSI is working properly by configuring multiple Guests to use that storage.


Our camera is recording to iscsi target directly. Camera has own iqn initiator number. When we define this iqn number in the target recordings is ok. But we have a lot of camera in the network. How we can define accept all initiator connections at the target site, we tried “", "iqn.camera” but unfortunatelly it didn’t work.

You may have to enter all initiator IDs individually.
If that is cumbersome, then you may want to script the configuration.

YaST is often usable only for “most common” and small deployments.
For “Enterprise” deployments you may want to consult the technology’s own documentation (or the documentation may be installed on your machine). Maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for in the official iscsi documentation, eg


You can also look through SUSE documentation
(See setting up the Target manually)