A way to install Cloudflare Wrap on Tumbleweed

My ISP had a problem which blocks most of the websites due to some problems in their servers. I had to use VPN, but I can’t afford a good VPN. I kept searching and trying many solutions until I found about Cloudflare Wrap. It solved my prob perfectly without affecting my internet speed, it made it faster. Unfortunately, it only supports Debian/Ubuntu and RHEL/CentOS. I couldn’t find any solution to install it on my OpenSuse Tumbleweed. Can you recommend me of a way to install it?

PS1: I tried it on Windows 10 and Android Phone.
PS2: Tor works as well but i need to open some apps and games as well.

You may wait until someone who knows what it is happens to read your post. Or you can provide link to document describing installation of your software and then somebody may find a way to install it on openSUSE.