a Repo for libopenssl

I try to compile nginx, but it requires libopenssl-dev, i installed libopenssl from single click, but cant find the dev !
is there a repo special for libraries? i added packman but i dont find it.
(i did sudo zypper up and zypper ref) but i dont find it.

Edit: sorry, i dident activated the other repo, this is why the searched was returning me only the openssl.

libopenssl is included in the standard repo, and I would bet that it is even installed by default.

For compiling you need libopenssl-devel, again this is in the standard repo, just install it with YaST or “zypper in libopenssl-devel”.

There’s a “libopenssl-devel” which should be what you need.

sorry, i was dumb, i unchecked the other repo so it dont take long time when i use zypper ref, this is why it was not found when i search.
sorry again :expressionless:

i have update the repo and added 13.2, i hope i did not something wrong :smiley: the link works, i checked them.

You didn’t say what version of opensuse you are using.

As far as I know, there has been some sort of openssl-devel package in opensuse since forever. I used to install it back when I was compiling and testing beta releases of sendmail. So the package you want should be in the standard repos for your opensuse version. Best to use it from there.

no, i was idiot, i just kept two repo :smiley: thinking that the update will get everything rotfl!

i have updated the repo so it will be accessible for web dev (added webservers and database servers)