A question about upgrading

I have used opensuse 11.2 for several months now after switching from ubuntu and I’m very happy with it. my question is about upgrading to 11.3 when it is finally released.
I installed software from contrib and other repositories but i did not remain subscribed to those repos, meaning that when installing with ‘1 click install’ I always unchecked the check-box ‘remain subscribed to those repositories after installation’, so what will happen with those packages in dist upgrade? will they be upgraded?

Good question. One thing is sure, while they are switched off they will not be used by any update.

The release of 11.3 will imho see the first time where a distribution update is supported (from 11.2 to 11.3).

Again imho, thus the products you allready have will still be there and most probrably still function under the then 11.3.

I think I personaly would the enable them one by one, see if there is a new version of that package, install when yes and disable again.

Maybe other suggest other pathes, but as this is the first time there is not much experience I suppose.

when upgrading to 11.3 you’ll have to change all the repos you’re using to that version. applications that came from repos you’re not subscribed to anymore won’t be upgraded, of course. if these app.s are available in OSS or non-OSS repos, ‘zypper dup’ or the yast equivalent will revert to those versions, otherwise uninstall. if you want to keep the applications as they are, you’ll have to enable the repos they came from–their 11.3 versions, of course.