A /media - issue: media contents appear as empty.

I have problems getting Suse read media: for instance, it cannot read data from USB memory sticks nor CD’s.

In overall, USB-ports work well (mouse is connected to one of them, everything’s ok there), so does the USB stick (I can access it on other Linux-systems). But when it comes to Suse, it just shows corresponding directories in the /media, permissions set to “rwx------, owner: root”, and even if I go sudo and change to those dirs, they appear as empty.

I face the same problem.

what’s the model of you USB memory sticks,and the filesystem is ?

you can use:
mount|grep media
to find if your usb is really mounted.

hope you can provide more inf

try mount you usb manually.

The usb memory stick is 2 GB fat formatted.

Upon insertion, with Suse 11.1, a new dir is defined under /media, but it is not mounted and Dolphin complaints it cannot be accessed (No surprise only root has any access right).

The same stick is auto mounted on Xubuntu 6.06, Mac Panther and more.

That problem looks similar to the problem of accessing the cd/dvd drive (see audio cd and dvd playback error - openSUSE Forums) where part of the problem lies in the policy involved in removable media access. BTW, is there doc on the definition of policies?