A good download manager and accelerator in Linux: is it possible?

Excuse me for bringing back this kind of subject already discussed by other users, but I need it.
I have slow internet connection so I need a download manager that is able to accelerate downloads and resume them after they are paused or interrupted by provider disconnection.
I tried kget but it’s very slow. After some minutes downloads hadn’t even started. I found that downthemall and prozgui got a more suitable speed but I have had problems with latter versions of both.
In downthemall almost at all downloads that amount to a size of several Mb’s the speed start to slow down when it reaches from 90% to 99% completed until 0kb/s and download pauses, needing manual resuming. But I can stay watching downloads to see when they’ll stop, mainly if they are large.
Prozgui worked fine in my opensuse 11.3 install but now on 11.4 some downloads seem to end up correctly but when I use them some files are corrupted.
Do you have any suggestion or advice?

Try something else, maybe JDownloader?

As noted elsewhere in these Forums, it can make a difference what kind of download you’re doing.

Aria is a good, muli-source downloader which can pull in the bits from many different servers and types of downloads (eg HTTP, torrent, metafile, etc) simultaneously.

But, trying different download managers without knowing <why> your downloading is inconsistent is only a shot in the dark without certain improvement. For instance, do you know if ou have a major loss problem in part due to major latencies? If your network connection is so bad/slow that the Server(s) is seeing you time out, then changing downloaders isn’t going to help much… Servers can become impatient with a bad client and essentially downgrade it in favor of “better responding” clients.


Since the provider here is very weak there are days when connection is better or worse. But generally it seems that when downloading from certain sites downthemall works right and from many others downloads are interrupted. I tried jdownloader but found no gui and gave it up. Currently I have used downthemall when possible and multiget when needed.
But unhappilly I can’t say any one of them has all the features of orbit downloader, free download manager, download accelerator plus and so on.
It’s puzzling! Why linux have progressed so few in this area?