A few questions

Hi, I have a few problems (or I lack understanding) with my built images

I’ll list them up and hope some will get answered :slight_smile:

  1. In the Configuration I have two users, root and live, whenever I install the image from a live cd/dvd I choose to make another user for my personal account (i have logged in as user live during installation)
    I then start the installation, I select expert partitioning and since I already have a home partition I simply choose a mount-point for that during partitioning…
    The install completes and I log in with my new user-account created during installation.

I open a terminal and type cd /home and type ls -l
my new user-account home folder has the correct name (same as new user-account name) but the folder is actually owned by live and not the user I created.
I check all the subfolder they are owned by live as well (except folders copied from skel or wherever)
I can easily fix this with chmod -R username:usergroup /path in terminal, however it should not be necessary and I don’t want my users to need to do this.
How can I fix this ?
Note: I have not tried without already existing folders in my home partition, but it shouldn’t matter anyway, this should not happen.

  1. Even though I have explicitly configured no users to log in automatically in the build configuration user live logs in automatically anyway after installation of the build and adding a new user, in fact live is logged in until i remove the user live as root.
    How can I avoid this ?

  2. The build often fails with error: package <PackageName> is already installed
    I just tested, I made one Live CD/DVD build successfully, then simply changed to build a raw image and suddenly these kind of errors appaired, this without changing any packages at all, nether installing or removing… What might cause this, and how do I avoid it from happening ?

  3. Finally I’d like to have the default gnome menu (like in ubuntu) rather than slab for all my users, how can I accomplish that ?

Any advices at all would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Regarding problem 1, might that be caused because I have not specified any UID, and live and the new user both ends up with the same UID ?
I’ll try specifiying the UID and check that out, takes a while have to build and install the image first.

About problem 2, that is naturally related as autologin is done by UID (guessing)

About problem 3. This happens all randomly, i.e the errors are given during a build, I then remove a package, then add the same package back, then build with success as result … Bug in Suse Studio ?
The bug might be that the studio somehow have not been able to save the configuration properly, maby there should be a button for “Force save of configuration” or “validate appliance” with a script that makes sure all new configurations actually are saved ?

Finally about problem 4, I still have not figured out that one, I where thinking about running a testrun and check the modified files, however now all of a sudden (without changing anything at all) the testdrive cannot find /etc/init.d/rc, it gives error about services module…

Despite the problems I am having (some due to lack of knowledge) I really like Suse Studio