A few OpenSUSE 11 questions

Is there a way that I can change the colour of the Task bar. Used to be able to make it see through etc in kde 3.5

Also, how do you stop kopete telling you that you have incoming messages.


Are you using KDE 3 or 4?

If I recall (don’t really use KDE 4 myself) the panel configuration options aren’t really there so much in KDE 4.0.4 sadly. You can install the KDE 4.1 beta, and supposedly you can configure the panel bette in that. The KDE 4 one-click-installer, or adding the right repo can help with that.

Or install a different plasma theme that has a more translucent taskbar.

Check out plasma themes on kde-look.org

thanks, yeah i am using kde 4.1, and the options I can find for configuring it, are really nothing compared to 3.5. Just basically allow you to change the size and add widgets to it.

I’ll check out the plasma themes

If you download the latest KDE4 version from the buildservice you will see a huge advancement in configuration options, but keep in mind you do sacrifice a degree of stability. For me the tradeoff was large enough to justify the change.