a couple questions of a newbie...

Hi friends.

I’ve got a Sony Vaio VPCEB4S1E. And I installed openSuse 12.1 into it. I should inform you that is my first linux experience… Anyway i installed drivers of my graphic card and that makes desktop effects ok. Except some little things, everything goes fine for now. :slight_smile:

The thing that i wonder is there any additional drivers or applications those i should install? Maybe for my battery? or power management? or sound card? etc…

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Nope, no drivers. Drivers on linux are in the kernel. Graphics cards are the exception. They work, but installing the manufacturer driver brings some extras as you experienced. One of the great advantages of installing linux is that you don’t just get an operating system desktop, you get a whole lot more.
A thing you should do is install the multimedia packages: Restricted formats/12.1 - openSUSE Community Wiki

On 02/26/2012 10:56 PM, erinct wrote:
> or applications
> those i should install? Maybe for my battery? or power management? or
> sound card? etc…

Knurpht gave good advice (always listen to him) but i add a little:

you ask about your sound, does that mean it is not working? if it is not
then go to the Multimedia forum <http://tinyurl.com/4j4mtn7> and read
the posting “Welcome to multimedia sub-area” (third sticky down) where
you will find lots of good, gettin’ started info and how to get the
sound help you may need (search for “problem getting your sound card to

you asked about battery and power management–does that mean you (for
example) here the fan running constantly at 1000 miles per hour? or your
battery life is now about 30 minutes, or what?

if you have a problem like that i’d suggest you search around a little,
and read a little (but i would not suggest you try to implement
everything you read…the first time you read it…read a lot! be
careful of the version of openSUSE the answer you read pertain
to…like, do NOT try to make a 10.3 answer fit your 12.1, because it
probably will NOT fit.)

when searching the forum i recommend you use Google and their “site
specifier” so you can restrict your searches to just the forum, and that
will make searches so much more productive for you, like:


of course, you can also restrict your searches by adding (for example)
“12.1” or temperature or “battery life” or *whatever’ it is you are

oh, before you do any of that it might be cool to have a look at the
power management setting of your desktop…

by the way, you didn’t say what desktop you are using…so i have no
idea what to tell you: if using KDE4 go Personal Settings - Configure
Desktop > Hardware > Power Management

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