A Basic Health Check with Supportconfig SLES & openSUSE

Just wanted to post about an existing tool (but generally unknown to many) that gets you a good system overview. Not sure where to place this, so here it is :slight_smile:

Supportconfig is included in the ntsutils and can be installed on openSUSE using the one-click , also see the openSUSE page that can be found here:
NTSutils - openSUSE

An extra tool schealth (submitted over at Cool Solutions) can be used to parse and evaluate the basic-health-check.txt file generated by supportconfig, more info on that here:
Supportconfig Health Check Report Tool | Novell User Communities

Also a good article, “A Basic Server Health Check with Supportconfig”. can be found here :
A Basic Server Health Check with Supportconfig | Novell User Communities

Using Supportconfig combined with schealth can give a great advantage when troubleshooting & you have allot of (if not all) system information needed for others that are assisting.


When problems arise with a server, the simple is often overlooked. Is the monitor plugged in? Is the install media in the DVD drive? Was the service started? Supportconfig is a tool designed to gather system information in a way that promotes resolving problems as quickly as possible. The goal of this article is to show the administrator how to use supportconfig to check the basic health of the server. A test case of a server with high CPU utilization will illustrate the process. Once you have created a supportconfig tar ball, you should perform a server health check. Checking the basics begins with the basic-environment.txt and basic-health-check.txt files.

Hope you can put this to good use!