64bit adobe flash not working in firefox 4

I’m using 11.4 KDE x86-64 Tumbleweed. Download 64bit adobe flash,and move the libflashplayer.so into /usr/lib64/browser plugin/ then reboot,but it doesn’t show in Firefox 4’s extension,and flash couldn’t show. It was ok 2mths ago with same OS,but not now.
Is this the correct place I put the .so file?

Solve. Change the libflashplayer.so’s permission to all can read & write,and select the ‘executable’ solve the problem.

Besides, flash 10.3 and 10.2 have serious problems … I suggest using 10.1 if possble.
here is link for all versions Archived Flash Player versions

Hello Beli! I tried your suggestion, but I think… not sure… that the archive versions are only x86, am I right?

I have lot of glitches with the last Adobe Square 64bits release too.