404 - Can't download 11.2 RC

I want to download 11.2 RC but all the darn links are broken.

Try downloading from Software.openSUSE.org and see that it fails.


P.S. Had to clean it up apparently this forum censors? Really?

Same here. That page also says:

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

That is not us.

The release candidate has been removed from the server to prepare for the final release.
The ISO files of the GM are not available yet however if you want you should be able to do a network install using the 11.2 repository.

You may be able to find the GM files on a mirror which has not hidden them if you put enough effort into it.

what? do you need to remove download links to prepare other downloads?

why don’t you leave download links after gm is ready to be downloaded?


Yeah seriously. Ubuntu has no problem leaving everything up until the final version is rolled out. This is really lame. Having dead links is really unprofessional. I want a good KDE distro and I’m using Kubuntu now but I’d like to at least test OpenSUSE. OpenSUSE hasn’t even been an option for me due to it’s lack of dm-crypt support which others have had for years now. I’d also like to see if 11.2 has a newer version of xorg that might run better.

Is it a PITA to install things like libdvdcss, flash and win32codecs in OpenSUSE like it is in fedora, or is it easy like Ubuntu. Fedora is really not friendly to non-oss software, which is ironic considering the parent company sells a product that is often used to run proprietary software.

I really wish KDE was better supported by distros, I hate Gnome and I hate that it’s the default in most major distros.

You can download the release candidate from several of the mirrors if you look for it. here for example.

Thanks for the tip.

Like in your first post you seem to think that we, openSUSE users that try to help other openSUSE users in our spare time, are those that make and remove links on Novell’s websites.

We are not. We will try to help you, but we are not the “please contact the webmaster” from the error 404 page. Nor are we resposible for the way how long the openSUSE people at Novell think that their test releases have to be available to the general public.

This one is much faster:
Index of /opensuse/distribution/11.2-RC2/iso

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All right :wink: No hard feelings.