3d fbx viewer

Is there a good 3dviewer which can show fbx animations ? rpm install with yast.

Blender? (rpm or portable).

not sure if it will work, but f3d on flathub might do it

I needed a 3d viewer to test fbx export animations from blender!

F3d might work thanks

you can use blender

Its for testing a fbx file animation made with blender

Unfortunately f3d is unsuccesfully working in opensuse leap 15.2 or 15.3 back to windows 10 again disappointed

It is still disappointing that there is still no default 3d viewer for opensuse leap like windows 10 has.

Don’t know when you’ve last installed Windows 10 but it no longer installs the 3D Viewer - because no one used it. They removed it last spring.

I just upgrade for security no one is installing Windows 10 newly. So I still have the 3dviewer.

What’s version is in the opensuse 15.3.
You might be succesful in tumbleweed
Apparently the version 1.2.0 has the fbx support and tumbleweed now is in 1.2.1-1.3 version.
you can do a search, someone might had packaged a newer f3d version for 15.3

I am running opensuse leap f3d cannot be installed then ! It was unsuccessful.!..

Then, blender is the other option. Blender 3.0

You are totally not funny.
I am a blender user just wanted to test fbx animation export in a 3d viewer.

My apologies, for making you mad. I did miss the previous post above.
So I don’t have opensuse 15.3 to test, but I was able to test the f3d version in tumbleweed.
It works in fbx and collada but not worth the time. The shading are either too dark as in very dark or too light
and I would assume that you are a professional artist and you will not appreciate the image.

I look around a bit to see some viewers coz I have more free time being a retired old fart and I saw this link.

but unfortunately their is no version for opensuse 15.3