32 bit or 64 bit os for intel E5500 cpu + 2 GB ram?

Hello all

I have been using linux for a few years and now I am planning to migrate to a rolling release (opensuse) from a different distro.

my question is : for and old desktop specs: intel pentium dual core E5500 cpu + 2 GB of ram + intel g41 onboard gpu what which arcitecture would you suggest? 32 bit or 64 bit opensuse tumbleweed? I thought that opensuse leap has dropped 32 bit support but there is 32 bit thumbleweed iso (which surprised me) so should I install 32 bit or 64 bit (xfce or lxde) version? ( I will use net install iso for installation)

Thanks in advance.

Since it’s a 64 bit CPU, then 64bit all the way… :wink:


Thank you very much for your quick response …

So cpu is 64 bit but would 2 GB of ram be a problem for 64 bit OS? Is amount of ram a problem?

2GB RAM should be sufficient for light work, particularly if you install a “light” Desktop like XFCE or LXQt/LXDE.
IMO the regularly offered KDE/Plasma and Gnome Desktops leave very little for application “work.”

I regularly configure 2GB virtual machines with the above Desktops and find that there is little “normal” activity I can’t do.

Of course, YMMV.


Not at all, RPI’s only have 1 GB… just four cores :wink: you should be fine, perhaps allocated additional swap eg 4GB.

If you have the chance, to run the 64 bit version, please do.
For the 32 bit version the support for new software versions starts to become a problem.
The most prominent example is the Firefox web browser.
In 32 bit you can’t get a version newer than Firefox 52, in 64 bit Firefox 56.
This is caused by the lack of a 32 bit version of Rust, the programming language for Firefox > 52, in Tumbleweed.


Hi… All my works are quite light. I am a regular simple user, my all works are only surfing on web and listening to music files and internet radio stations, only softwares I need are Firefox Chromium audacious clementine, ı don’t even need gimp, libreoffice etc and I will install xfce desktop…

Thank you very much for your suggestions, I can’t wait to install opensuse , :wink:

Thank you very much for your suggestions, I wilil install 64 bit opensuse tumbleweed, I almost use Firefox, so a newer version of FF is always good for me

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Does it really download really 3 GB of data? If so I will not use net install iso and I will download whole latest snapshot so I will have a installation iso…

Thank you very much for your answers and sorry for taking your time

Well it all depends on your desktop selection, but the snapshot iso image will be gone at the next snapshot release, for Tumbleweed you will download lots of updates in a month, so if you worried about 3 GB net download, perhaps openSUSE Leap 42.3 is a better choice?


I have selected xfce desktop and unchecked office software etc, I only wanted to install the apps I need most, I thought that It will only need 1 GB or 1.5 GB data.I am not worrying about 3 GB net download , I thought that downloading snapshot iso (or as you said Leap 42.3 iso) makes more sense because when there is need to do a clean installation, having a bootable installatin usb drive and updating only important packages (like kernel etc) after installation is better than downloading whole packages again and again…

(sorry for my horrible English grammer by the way :slight_smile:

Thank you, I will make decision between downloading tumbleweed iso and stable iso

A quirk is that you <cannot> minimize your download by deselecting packages during the install…
The result will be that the deleselected packages will be installed anyway, then removed.

My recommendation is to just install the image with default settings more or less (but do decide on the Desktop), then update the system, and only then remove what you don’t want.

Continuing to maintain Tumbleweed will require massive downloads (relative to LEAP).
If network data is a limitation for you, install LEAP instead of Tumbleweed.