3 mobile internet

Hello everyone,

had a Lenovo S10e since Saturday and the question is how do i get the dongle to work and also set up my 3 D100 router. Router shows up in the panel with the SSID but do not now how to enter required data to login. Everytime i enter the required passkey system checks then eventually stops and asks for the key again. I think i need to enter *99# in the settings somewhere to dial into the network!. Your help would be appreciated thanks.

I think, the dongle should be inserted into the 3 D100 router. You laptop can connect via wifi to the router. There is no setup (login/password, dialing etc.) to be done on the PC side. It is all pre-set by the ISP.

However, you have to enter the correct key for accessing the router.

Hi there,

Thanks for the reply but i think you have misunderstood the question!. the dongle is connected to the router when i try to connect but i also wanted to know if SUSE Linux supports mobile internet dongles inserted in a usb slot? to connect directly. On my Mac Mini for example the name 3(mobile connect) as the name and the parameter *99# is entered into the settings for internet connection and i think that’s the key to the problem. I did phone the 3 customer support but was told they only resolve problems on the Mac and Windows platform and was told to consult SUSE forums to resolve the issue. I hope this makes it clearer and to be honest if I dont’t resolve this soon will have to consider loading Windows XP:( but do not want to do this only as a last resort as i prefer Linux;).

You can connect the same way from Linux too.
Do the following from a terminal window:

tail -f /var/log/messages

Now, insert the USB dongle and post the messages here.
Also, see if you have any modem initialization strings. This can be obtained from the Windo$ installation. I think somewhere you can see the log of the commands sent to the modem. (If you can’t find this yourself, I can check with someone).

From the above output, you will be able to identify the serial device. It will be something like /dev/ttyUSB0.

Now, go to Yast Network Devices, Modem. Add a new modem. Modem device /dev/ttyUSB0, Add a custom provider. Give any name. Enter the number to be dialed: *99#. Enter username/password if any. Save it by pressing OK.

As root, edit the files:

In the ifcfg-modem0 file, make sure that the DIALCOMMAND is ‘ATD’ instead of ‘ATDT’. Also, fill up the modem init strings INIT1, INIT2 etc.

Now, run kinternet (Install it if not yet available in your menu).
kinternet icon will come up in system tray and you can dial by clicking it.