15.3 Update Repo Clarification


I build custom images using Kiwi, using mirrored openSUSE repos, and I see that openSUSE’s update repos have changed to include SLE packages and backports. I’m relatively new at the mirroring part of the job.

Just for clarity, should I be mirroring both of those to get the latest updates going forward? I see that the regular OSS repo is much smaller than normal, and the SLE repo is massive - much larger than any OSS update repo I’ve seen previously. I noticed also that in the SLE repo, the naming convention of kernel updates has changed. Should I be using “5.3.18-150300.59.60” on production embedded devices or is this more for server builds?

Thanks for any help.

One thing is for sure, since 15.3 most updates come from the Updates from SLES update repo and not from the OSS Update repo.