13.2 Documentation

Is there a 13.2 reference manual?

I have these links, but I didn’t see a 13.2 reference manual:

Here’s a systemd command comparison cheatsheet:

On 2014-11-05 09:56, opensuseforumorg42 wrote:
> Is there a 13.2 reference manual?
> I have these links, but I didn’t see a 13.2 reference manual:

It will have to be written by someone. Devs do not like writing >:-}

Or rather, the 13.1 docs will be renamed.

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This is frustrating me, too. Even worse, try to go to http://activedoc.opensuse.org/ as instructed, and surprise! you’re back in http://doc.opensuse.org/. And links to any manuals (I’m looking for the Security Manual) come right back to the same useless page.

Why read the docs when you can live a life of experimentation?

You might consider these Forums as a repository of information, when you have a question about how to do something, proper key words will probably return a discussion about that topic.

I don’t know how many people would be interested in writing down their personal experiences how to do things, but I’ve done exactly that… The Wiki pages I’ve created generally are about various things I’ve encountered over the years which might either be of interest to someone else or are things I want to write down so I myself can find these things long after I might have forgotten the information.

I encourage all others to write down “stuff” and maybe eventually someone will compile a “book” of links that point to FAQ and useful topics.

My Wiki pages

A collection of slide decks of presentations I’ve done over the years which cover stuff like installing on SSD, using Git while deploying your own free website and more…

A treatise on fixing network latency issues which includes info on how to manipulate kernel settings using sysctl

A main coummunity source for doing things are the SDB. For any topic, Google the topic and “SDB” to return hits of pages which are semi-official and generally reviewed (although can be completely outdated) on how to do stuff.

You could even yourself create a Wiki page with links like what you’ve posted in this Forum thread as a start to creating your own version of “documentation.” So, for instance if you find yourself needing to learn about systemd, create a Wiki page with your curated systemd related links. You’d not only possibly provide a recommended starting point for others who follow you, you’d also be creating a customized reference you can come back to refresh your memory.

See my Forum signature below on setting up your own first Wiki page…


I think it would be easier if you told us what you specifically need from the openSUSE 13.2 documentation :). A particular question will get you a particular answer.

I admit, however, that the looping redirection on the doc.opensuse.org page is a silly one :P.

Also, tsu2, sweeping through forum threads in order to find a specific bit of information can be tremendously inefficient. We all use Gentoo’s and Arch’s wiki pages, right? That should tell us something about the importance of reliable, centralized docs :).

If openSUSE docs are indeed in some sort of trouble, I would be very willing to help.

So activedoc.opesuse.org which is linked from at least 100 other web pages is simply disappeared ?!?! How is possible ?
I remeber that somewhere there was an installation manual for leap 42.1 , do you know where i can find it ?
To be honest i’ve always thought that, sooner or later, the various manuals would be updated to leap41.1. Opensuse 13.2 and Leap have introduced a lot of new technology, documentation on those new entries is extremely important. This choise to abandon completely documentation is shocking!
Documentation is as important as a good and stable distro (only my opinion of course).

activedoc.opensuse.org simply did not work out. We had almost no contributions from the community and therefore decided to shut it down. Starting now, the SUSE documentation team will once again take care of the openSUSE Leap documentation. However, that does not mean you cannot contribute to the openSUSE manuals anymore–we count on you to help us! Please see openSUSE:Documentation Contribute - openSUSE Wiki for details.

Since yesterday, openSUSE Leap 42.1 manuals are available from http://doc.opensuse.org/. We are still working on a few glitches and will publish a final version soon. The version that is now online is 90% done (updating from 13.2, for example, is still missing).

We apologize for the bad timing. We originally had planned to replace activedoc on the day the Leap 42.1 documentation was ready. However, a Drupal-related security problem on activedoc.opensuse.org made us pull the plug earlier than planned.
avtivedoc.opensuse.org now redirects to doc.opensuse.org. I have also fixed links and content in the openSUSE Wiki.

As for openSUSE 13.2, large parts of the Leap documentation still applies to 13.2 as well (apart from the installation procedure).

Hope this helps!

Frank Sundermeyer
SUSE Documentation Project Manager

Thank you for explanation.

I’ve been using openSUSE/SuSe on and off since SUSE 9.1 days and I’ve never read a manual, but I do appreciate your work, tanks a lot rotfl!

Thank you very much for the clarification!