13.1 works first boot

Dear Forum
Had problems with SUSE in the past ,mostly wireless issues and Partition Issue.,
I used the 13.1 with KDE on a HP EliteBook6930p.
Everything works.
I have been using a Samsung Tab2 7.0 rooted with different Mods,
Anyone working on Mods that run on SUSE?
I believe that school children in the future will use Tabs or I pads for books
My tab has dual memory with internal 8 G sd and external 32G external
micro flash. This could be the future with watches that connect to Ipads
and My android Cell Phone has similar features.
They have been working on running Linux on a external but its
a Novelty trick, the phone is still running on its Android Distro.
know the Ubunty is working on Android Mods for phone software as the
younger generation will use there phones and Pads instead of
Laptops, for work allowing wifi and 3g connections from
any location.
Glad to be back after 2 years.