13.1 RC - Apparently unrelated browsers at 100% CPU on certain sites


I’ve upgraded to 13.1 RC, and I have a strange problem with browsers going to 100% CPU and freezing the system. I’ve tried Firefox, Opera, Chromium and qtwebkit (Qupzilla and Rekonq), and there is one site that consistently causes them all to go to 100% CPU and slow/freeze the system. (I can’t link to it because it’s the admin area of a website). It’s not as bad on all sites, but CPU is generally high for them all.

The only obvious thing linking those browsers I could think of was flash, but the problem persists after removing that.

I presume there must be a shared library that they all use that’s causing the problem. Maybe sqlite for history etc. is the common element?

Does anyone know how I could identify the cause?


On 2013-10-19 11:36, nelque wrote:
> Hi,
> I’ve upgraded to 13.1 RC,

Online or offline upgrade?

Online upgrade

Offline upgrade

Chapter 16. Upgrading the System and System Changes
openSUSE 12.3 Release Notes

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