12.3 Live Gnome USB Boot Installation fail

I dl’ed and installed OpenSUSE 12.3 at my USB flash drive and as a newcomer i try to Live version which runs perfect. Then i decided to install it, rebooted and everything is ok. I set all things, begin installation, installation finishes and some popup comes. Says: “The computer needs to be rebooted without the live cd on the drive to finish the installation. Either YaST can reboot now or you can reboot any time later” with two buttons: “reboot later” and “reboot now”.

So i unplug USB drive and push “reboot now”. Rebooted but there is an error, saying something wrong with operating system (I can’t remember the exact error) and I can’t do anything.

Then i began these process again. This time my goal is to push “reboot later” button without removing my USB. It didn’t working too.

Third time, my goal is pushing to “reboot now” without removing my glorious Kingston 2GB flash drive then to choose boot hard drive option to finish installation. Didn’t work. When i reboot and come again to choose screen (don’t know the name of it) and select boot hard drive, there is no boot to finishing, only a loop of selecting hard drive option.

Thanks for reading a non-native English persons problems. Now what to do?


Try in Advanced boot==> failsafe etc…

yeah, try to boot it failsafe.

I can think of three problems here:

  1. You haven’t switched BIOS back to boot from your harddrive.
  2. You may have an EFI system. In this case choose EFI in the install process (in the last step you can change GRUB to EFI-GRUB or something)
  3. you have an error in your image. To verify this, do an image-verification in the welcome menu when booting from your stick

BTW: Why are using the windows-installer when you’re on a linux-system?