12.1 / Taskbar / Desktop Icon / Windows: How to get the Windows Showing?

I have the following problem:

The taskbar shows 6 Desktop Icons. Mouse over Desktop Icon #1 shows 6 Windows (i.e. Tasks).
Can somebody please suggest how I can grab one of those task? My system is x86_64 with all
the latest updates, so I am the one who needs to be updated, please!

And: If it is possible having all tasks accessible with the taskbar, I would be very happy!

Thanks and best regards,
J C Anker

My guess is you’re on KDE, and you’re talking about the pager (with 4 virtual desktops). Again, my guess is that you switched to another virtual desktop, making the open windows out of reach. If this is the case, you can right click the pager (the four blocks), and change it’s properties, so that clicking on one of the blocks triggers switching to that virual desktop. Next you should be able to switch to that desktop and see the windows.

Knurpht, thanks for a prompt reply! I can grab the tasks now; <ctrl><F8>,click on desired task at appropriate desktop.
Is there any way I can avoid the <ctrl><F8>, i.e. click on desktop icon and get all tasks up simultaneously?

J C Anker

Interesting discovery:
<ctrl><F8>, open Dolphin in Desktop #1, click on presentation with LibreOffice Impress does not open LibreOffice (presentation)
<ctrl><F8>, open Dolphin in Desktop #1, click on presentation, click on “open with”, choose LibreOffice, does not open LibreOffice either

J C Anker

Ref my previous post:
The reason that LibreOffice was not executing, was that the Root Shell was awaiting password (one of the windows I
knew existed, but could not open). Sorry for the confusion!

J C Anker

Problem solved: There are some problems with my 12.1 x86_64 installation since the last upgrade (source of trouble not identified so far). When there is a software crash, it appears that a root shell is being generated, the shell will be waiting for the password, this puts a block on the pager desktops.

J C Anker