12.1 and Chrome, XBMC etc

Hi there

I was wondering which repo you would use to obtain additional medial players/codecs to test with 12.1 (i.e. XBMC, vlc etc) or addtional browsers such as Chrome etc.

I had followed the instructions here
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide

and reviewed what was in the packman repo. It appears that only “git” packages have been prepared for post 11.4. how (or perhaps the better question is should) does one use “git” packages in a milestone release?


Personally ATM I would get them from Factory repos.

Thanks for the suggestion. I had a look. Some things work (opera) some things don’t (mplayer, google chrome). Somethings aren’t there yet (most codecs, xbmc etc).

guess thats to be expected as its early days for 12.1 So far my experience with it has been better than with 11.4 (for which I had networking problems), so I’m impatient for November to come!

I’ll check periodically (i.e. M5 etc) and post my findings in this thread. If anyone else has some success, please let me know.