11.3 - Mouse Slow to track and Four Mouse Clicks to make something happen (but not all the time)

I have openSUSE 11.3 (64 bit), KDE 4.6, on custom system (AMD Phenom II Quad core, 8GB RAM, integrated ATI Radeon HD 4200). Strange thing is, this system runs like a raped ape, except once in a while (happening now) where the mouse gets real slow, and takes 3-4 clicks to make something happen. Weird thing is, it only lasts for 30-60mins, then back to normal. During this time, keyboard works normally. Mouse is a Microsoft Wireless USB mouse. Works great, except when this problem occurs.

I had read in the past about disabling the power management features, which I think I have done correctly. I did see this same behavior with KDE 4.5, so I don’t think its the 4.6 upgrade.

Any pointers to where to look would be appreciated. I usually just deal with it, but I’d like to understand why it happens, if possible.

Thx in advance

I thought it was just me being impatient, I will post my full spec for comparison.

General Spec

  • Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse
  • AMD Phenom Quad core
  • 8GB RAM
  • D-link PCI wireless G
  • TV Card
  • Nvidia Graphics card
  • Built in sound
  • 450w PSU (upgrading that soon)
  • 1 TB hard drive, and two 250gb Seagates (I was wondering if the seek time on the 1tb could cause this slowness)
  • Asus Motherboard

I will post the exact hardware spec soon.

Mine is:

MSI 785G-E53 Mobo
Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition
Radeon 4200HD , using ATI Catalyst 11.1 Drivers
RTL 8111/8168B Ethernet controller
500W PSU
Single 500GB Seagate Model ST3500418AS Barracuda drive
HP Wireless USB Keyboard
Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse
Kernel x86_64
VirtualBox 4.04 (happened with VB 3.x as well)

When this happens, top/htop show nothing of concern. I cannot tell if there is some scheduled task running (someone show me where to look, please).

As I mentioned above, it appears to be random, and only lasts for 30-60 minutes. All other processing etc on the machine appears to be normal.

i have a wireless (logiteck) that when the batteries get low i
sometimes have to click click click to get it to work…so, maybe
you have loose connection in the mouse somewhere, and sometimes it is
not getting enough power to transmit to the receiver…

move the receiver closer to the mouse…

or maybe there is some radio frequency interference blocking the
mouse…move your cell phone away from your mouse and the receiver…

are you using wifi? that is also radio frequency…maybe you are
getting some harmonic frequency interference…

hmmmm…30 to 60 minutes, maybe a spy in the next room is
transmitting secret messages to the World Headquarters and blocking
your mouse :wink:

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