11.3 Doesn't install wireless network adapter

In summary I have a new Toshiba notebook model L675-S7044 and recently had installed Suse 11.3 as a dual boot with Win7.

Suse does not seem to detect and/or install the built-in wireless adapter. This is the statistics about the adapter as reported by my diagnostic software:

Realtek RTL8188CE Wireless LAN 802.11nPCI-E NIC version 1002.2.428.2010

I would very much appreciate any help locating and installing this driver.

This is yet another one of my endless attempts to move away from Microsoft products. The last attempt was a couple years ago and ended in failure after spending countless hours on a different notebook trying to get a Netgear PCMICA wireless card to work.

The good folks here provided a lot of help but unfortunately something about that particular chip set made it especially difficult. After 20 or so hours I got the driver loaded but I called it quits after it refused to actually connect to a network.

But that was a different day and a different notebook computer.
After discovering the network problem on this computer after installing Suse I just don’t have the patience of my last attempts so I uninstalled it and returned exclusively to a Win7 boot machine.

Today I have Suse available running in Virtual Box inside of Win7 and have a strong interest to learn both Gimp and Blender.
Really there are only two things tying me to Windows. One is my software package Lightwave 3D and I use version 9.5 which does not work in Suse even if tried in either Wine or a VB. I’ve heard some have had versions 7 work but that’s quite a bit behind.

The other thing tying me to Windows is iTunes- connecting with the iTunes store and syncing my iPhone. However I’ve read somewhere that iTunes works fine in Suse inside a VB running XP which sparked new hope for my quest to be happy with a Unix machine.

So if I can figure out a reasonably easy way to install this network driver (Such as an RPM) I’d be so happy to have an authentic Suse OS computer.

Thank you for your time and any suggestions you may offer.

Did you see we have a special sub-forum Netork > wireless? There are several important threads at the top for you (so called stickies) which tell you how to try for yourself and what information you should post as a minimum when you need help. And of course the people here that know most about wifi problems watch that sub-forum.