11.3 cant install dmraid - stuck at search for linux partiton


i ve run into problems while installing 11.3 x64. Installer stops at search for linux partitions… to solve it i ve had to go back to 11.2. Anyway, i have installed 11.3 on another hdd (3hdds in raid 5 had to be disconnected). When i go into partitoner (11.3) and device graph, i see two of three raid hdds ok with sda1, sda2… but the third one is without any partitions./ if i do the same in 11.2 all three hdds are with all partitions in that graph. Anyone know the solution except not installing 11.3? .)

Hi FrAcTi0N

I have exactly the same problem as you, when I want to install Opensuse 11.3 I stuck at the point search for linux partiton.
With Linux Mint it’s working out of the box, but Linux mint isn’t adapted for what I want do ( Xen stuffs).
If you have found the solution, could you share it ?


I just recently setup dmraid with three solid state drives in raid 0 (Sony vaio Z laptop).

I used a systemrescue cd (on usb) to setup my drives and partitions the way I like, with sector sizes in alignment with SSD (erase) block size; 1GB boot and LVM (also aligned) with /, /home, /opt and swap. The dmraid -ay command executed at systemrescuecd detected the array I created in the raid setup tool.

The openSUSE installer (11.3 x86_64) presented me with the choice to use mdraid, to which I answered no. Afterwards the partitioning tool found my array just fine. I only had to assign mount points to the partitions I created earlier.