11.2 + x1600 = Compiz?

I’m a new openSUSE user and a relative newcomer to Linux (though I have worked with installing and using Ubuntu some) I just installed 11.2 (GNOME) and I’m having a hard time getting Compiz to work. My video card is an ATI Mobility x1600. I suspect the problem lies in the video driver - trying to install the proprietary driver by any method (1-Click, repository, or direct from AMD) fails. How do I find out which driver do I have? Which driver do I need for Compiz?

I can go to Control Center > Desktop Effects and check the box labeled “Enable Desktop Effects”, and the screen flashes and when it comes back the box is checked. However, closing and re-opening the dialog clears the box (so the changes aren’t sticking for whatever reason) Is there a way to make this work?