11.2 DVD vs Gnome Live CD

So I’m trying to get my Dad to use Linux, and I tried installing Ubuntu 9.10 for him, but I’ve been having graphics (thanks to the Intel 82845G graphics controller…) and other (like computer doesn’t finish powering off when I shut it down) annoyances that I’m still trying to resolve. So I’m thinking of OpenSUSE 11.2 now, hoping that it won’t have the same problems.

I think I want the Gnome environment, but can someone tell me what pre-installed applications, themes, etc will be missing if I install it from the Live CD rather than from the DVD?

And, just FYI, the reason I first tried Ubuntu (aside from the obvious fact that it was released first) is because I tried it in a VM along with a VM of OpenSUSE 11.1 Gnome, and Ubuntu seemed to load and do stuff faster. Just wondering here, does 11.2 have any speed improvements over the previous version?

Please don’t give a newbie a release candidate. That is asking for trouble. If you want your dad to use Gnome, download the 11.1 Gnome Live CD for now.

Once you have installed it, you can get everything else (and more) that is on the DVD from the repos.