11.1 to 11.2 - Update or New Installation with intel 915 graphic?

I am wondering if I should install
a new openSuse 11.2
or if I should make an
Update-Installation from DVD
(see openSUSE 11.2 Installation Quick Start Installation Mode: Select Mode - New Installation / Update / …])
or an Update Installation via Yast.

Now I am using openSuse 11.1 and Gnome 2.24.1 (mostly, 1 account is using KDE) and Kernel Linux “/home” is on an separated partition (as part of an extended partition).

Contra new installation?:

  • I have an Laptop (Samsung x20) with integrated intel 915 graphic and an very hight resolution (1400x1050). The monitor’s resolution is not listed in the bios of the graphic cart/solution. Because of that I had many problems with my fist installation of suse/openSuse linux.
  • Will I have problems to keep my old accounts?

Pro new installation?:

  • Sometimes funny system reports (mostly about ICE).
  • I have been logged in as root in Gnome (as I had some problems with (no) audio, the digital optical audio out is still not running).
  • I think the fist installation was a few years ago maybe I had been to often “bold”.

Have someone an idea?


it’s possible to do an in place upgrade.

Remove all repos and put in the following

Index of /distribution/11.2/repo/oss

Index of /distribution/11.2/repo/non-oss

Index of /update/11.2

Next do this:

zypper ref


zypper in zypper libzypp


zypper dup

accept licences etc.

The above might not work, so back up important data.
Personally I always do a fresh install. But I know users who have had success with the above.
I would do it outside X too, probably level 3 boot.

Thanks caf4926!

So I planning to

  1. seach for my biggest external hdd
  2. make an backup of my personal data (home-partition, fat-partition, NTFS-partitions and…?
  3. ? (make an backup of my installation) ?
  4. check DVD-Data integrity
  5. try
    a) DVD: Installation Mode: Select Mode - New Installation
    if it works not:
    b) DVD: Installation Mode: Select Mode - Update
    if it works not:
    c) try in place upgrade via YaST and zypper as described above

Needs the “in place upgrade” (with changing the repositories) a LAN (with wire)? Or will my WLAN still be running (Someone has run against my LAN cable so my LAN socket has mostly no contact ;-)).

Is this right?

Boot to an 11.2 liveCD and test with the liveCD. The Intel 915 graphics would scare me in 11.2.

Good idea Lee.

Cool! I have the Gnome live CD now running. Display settings shows full resolution (1400x1050). Even 3D effects are supported.

Sounds like chocks away.
Just to add. A new install will enable you to employ ext4 file system. Just a thought.

You mean
a) DVD: Installation Mode: Select Mode - New Installation
and not
b) DVD: Installation Mode: Select Mode - Update?
Do I have to install all my data in home- and windows-partitions after that New Installation?

I will consider witch advantages ext4 would have for me.


You mean
a) DVD: Installation Mode: Select Mode - New Installation


11.2 Slideshow Images - Windows Live

ext4 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  1. no just tell the installer NOT to format the home partition, but TO format the root partition. Should not touch your Windows. But as always it is good to have a backup and double check the partitioning scheme. If in doubt ask. :wink:

Thanks to all so long!

So I will try a new installation.
*[Also an upgrade from DVD on an other (not so much used) laptop worked not (11.0 to 11.2) but an new installation did work.[/i]]

I have posted other special problems/thoughts in that threads:

firewall status of Eth0 and Wlan during and after installation - openSUSE Forums

backup /home (all users) - openSUSE Forums

I will post here again if I will have had a problem or if I will have had no problem concerning to the intel 915 graphic in my new installation.


I seem to have success with the Upgrade to 11.2 via new installation
(only a little problem with (?) the power management: Unwanted action as power plugged in or out (hibernate, …) - openSUSE Forums)
Thanks to all