11.1 start up programs

I am trying to start a program when the machine boots up, can someone help me? Also is there a way to hide the mouse cursor? Thanks.

What exactly do you want to achieve? Are you missing something during boot? An app that needs to start at boot? A service needed to be loaded at boottime?

On the mousecursor: don’t know, put it away in a corner is the only thing I can think of.

I want to add a web browser to the “startup” list so when the computer turns on this browser opens up. just like adding it to the startup menu in windows. Thanks.

edit: also where is the option for disabling the screen saver - things do not seem very easy to find in this OS. I am moving from Ubuntu. Thanks.

Reading this I think you do not want to start a web-browser when the computer “starts up” (boots), but when you log-in in the GUI.

When this would start at boot, there is nowhere for the browser to show its window.

When an end-user logs in he can start (also automaticaly) things that open windows on the desktop. What desktop do you use, KDE, Gnome?

In KDE4 you can use the directory .kde4/Autostart (in your home directory) to put a script with your browser command. On Gnome there must be something like this.

Yes I am sorry, I would like the browser to run in the GUI after the boot process. I am running Suse 11.1 and KDE. I didn’t find the directory you mentioned…?

edit: I found the directory using a terminal window now how do I put a “script” here?

Use a text editor (not a word processor) to make a file saying


for example. Save it as ~/.kde4/Autostart/firefox.launch.sh. Then make it executable;

chmod +x ~/.kde4/Autostart/firefox.launch.sh

Should work (though it may be that it’s more traditional to put the script in a ‘scripts’ directory, then make a symbolic link to it… I’m not sure). I think the screen saver is in ‘configure desktop’ in the main menu, no?

Apart from Confuseling’s guidelines (which you should try to follow), I am a bit persistent in stressing again that this is not after boot, but after login.

Even if you have trid to hide this login away from you by configuring automatic login, it is still there.

You can login and logout and login again, etc. And Firefox will be started on every login. Nothing to do with boot.

Other people may login also (though you may not have created more users atm, that does not mean that this is not psossible, I do have a wife in the home, many people have spouse)). They may login after you loged out, or even log in while you are still loged in. They will not see that Firefox (may be they want to start Amarok instead).

Every user has his own environment. Try to stop thinking MS Windoze. Linux is a multi user, multi thread system.

Yes, you are correct, and I understand. I am sorry my terminology was incorect. I would like to run the browser after login. Thank you.

The script worked as desired thank you! A side effect though seems to be that I now have to log into the PC, I would like to re-activate the automatic login…? Why would this have changed?

Shouln’t have changed imho. It should be somewhere in System/Desktp Configuration (from the Kmenu, the lower/left green one), but I still have KDE 3.5 here, so I can not tell you the details.

Thank you for the help. I found where to address my automatic login problem. That was odd that it changed…? The script is working as well. Thanks.

You are welcome. Enjoy :wink:

On 11/30/2009 06:06 AM, hcvv wrote:
> Every user has his own environment. Try to stop thinking MS Windoze.
> Linux is a multi user, multi thread system.

Well, Windows behaves exactly like Linux in this regard, albeit with
slightly different names for things.

In Windows, each user has their own ‘profile’ where they can have a
custom tailored startup routine. They can have whatever they want in
their startup folder. Or nothing. And what they put in there is
independent of what is in anybody else’s folder.

There’s also an ‘all users’ profile but nothing has to be in it. It can
be used or not depending on requirements.


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