11.1 install on PS3

has anyone tried installing 11.1 on a ps3 if so have you encounterd a reboot problem that won’t allow to start the system after install.Also I do not know why anyone would waste there time on a useless O/S, It seems that people have more problems with an open source than any other O/S.

Firstly 11.1 hasn’t been released yet so you are using a development release.
Which may well gave bugs notibally the kernel headers and source don’t match-
Personally i have had almost no problems with openSUSE and have been using it for a few years now as my main OS


I’m glad to read you decided to post again, looking for positive contributions. I recommend everyone read the following thread for a “continuation” of this problem:
11.1 on PS3 - openSUSE Forums

I will try d/l the latest version of the release and try again, sometimes it can very frustrating when things don’t go right. Hope to hear some feedback.:expressionless: