11.1 freezing up alot

everytime i slide the mouse to the top right corner to look at at all the windows, suse freezes. everytime. also, everytime i burn with basero and the built in gnome burning software, when it is done, a box pops up saying program crashed and it has collected info and wants me to post what i was doing when it crashed. even though the disks burn good. and monsoon torrent client keeps freezing by itself when i am running it and it will fade out. any info on these bugs ? this is a new install of opensuse. i installed it again yesterday from the dvd and was hardwired during installation to get newest updates.

I have the same issue with the “look at all windows” function of compbiz. When I logged in from another machine and examined with top, I saw that the compbiz process was at 100 per cent cpu. Killing that process unfroze the machine and everything was fine again. As a result I deactivated all desktop effects and so far I am safe.

I am using the graphics drivers from ATI for the Radeon 3870 and the GNOME desktop environment.