11.1, ext4, and system error -3023

I wanted to take 11.1 for a spin and see if it was more stable for me than the latest Ubuntu. I’ve got a Macbook Pro that still has a long-unused hfs+ partition (which I’m not trying to do anything with), a root partition, and a /home partition which makes clean upgrades a lot easier. Both Linux partitions are ext4.

I went to install 11.1 and all was well- marked the home partition “Do not format”, to be mounted at /home but got system error -3023 in connection with setting the label on the home partition when I started the install. Fine- I’m just trying it out- I go back and say “Do not format” and “Do not mount”. The label on the partition is ‘Home’ currently and apparently, the installer wanted to clear this label to proceed. I got the same error doing this because now it was trying to clear the label.

Any ideas? If I clear the label before I start, and don’t try to have it mounted, do you think the install will work? Any tips? Will 11.1 be able to read my ext4 home partition? I understood even if it doesn’t work with ext4 it should be able to interact with it as if it were ext3.

ext4 is not supported by 11.1 and one shouldn’t use it as 11.1 still uses kernel 2.6.27 which may or may not have backported ext4 patches (not sure). in kernel 2.6.27 and lesser, ext4 is still in development (ext4dev). It’s only official and stable as of kernel 2.6.28. Regarding using ext3 for ext4 partitions, it may work if you haven’t used extents in ext4, otherwise forget it

as for clearing the label, try it…

EXT4 is still very new anyway, use EXT3 instead if possible.
Ubuntu Jaunty uses EXT4 though, so if you had some files on it you may have to back up and reformat.
EXT4 is optional right now anyway, its not a security patch or anything and EXT3 is not going anywhere anytime soon.