11.0 wont boot after install

I installed SUSE from the DVD install and have installed it 4 times with GNOME twice, KDE 4.0 once, and KDE 3 once. after its installed I can open apps and use it as intended with no problems but after i turn the system off i cannot get it to start back up in regular mode again, only fail safe mode. I am using an old gateway with a Pentium 4 and an Intel Mobo with integrated graphics that just plain suck. I should also mention that after i click the first option on the splash page and it try’s booting up the screen goes to a bad looking colorful static.

Do you even get error messages or does the system only shuts its error screen. For troubleshooting any system should start talking giving a meaningful error message.

I also have bad experiences with PCs having onboard Intel graphics adapter and the OS installed is Windows, instead of Linux. You are better of with normal plug-in video adapters. Also watch out for S3. I have also had bad experiences with that brand. NVidia using the standard ‘nv’ driver is not that sophisticated, but it’s darn stable and it’s fast enough for office or programming usage with the computer.

You can try to get into a text mode console and give the command ‘dmesg’ and try to see if there are error messages. Also in the directory /var/log you can see a lot of log messages.

If your keyboard blinks and the system hangs, you’ve been bitten by a real kernel panic error. They are very bad and infamous

well I don’t get an error message at all but I choose to shut the system down. it doesn’t happen when I hibernate but I fear I might loose data if the power were to go out or something.

try this

at boot screen type 3 in the boot line to get runlevel 3 - login as root

sax2 -r -m 0=vesa


all I get is “command not found”

make sure you are in runlevel 3 and root

remember - at the green boot screen where you have boot options, use default, the existing text if any in the boot string lower down needs to be cleared and then just type: 3

to login as root type:
then your password