100% CPU load after start DE

Tested on Xfce, Fluxbox. NB: only at main user! “Guest” all Ok.
Logs? Configs? Sorry, WTF? :slight_smile: I dumb maybe, but… i dont now.

If only one user seeing this it is their config files. Run top and see what is eating CPU

Htop: xfce-session - 100%

  • a minute later
    xfce-panel - 100%
  • a minute later
    other Xfce components…

I have broken something? what??

Perhaps if only the one user. Could be something miss configed in that users home. rename (mv) the ~/.config/xfce directory ( not when you are logged into the GUI as that user) That should bring things back to default. Exactly what is broken I don’t know


But as same problem in Fluxbox?? Other cfg files!
I don’t know too, otherwise wouldn’t write here (my bad english…)

If one user is bad and others are good then it is somewhere in that users configuration that the problem lies.

Try my suggestion first deal with Xfce then Fluxbox latter. I don’t know what is if anything is common between them.

But I have understood nothing!
.bashrc Ok, .config/autostart Ok
all right, it is unpleasant to me, but I have to resolve an issue

Recommend inspecting, and if necessary post your bootlog for all to see on a pastebin.
You would probably be looking for anything that might take longer to load or is something that is more than basic functionality.

To inspect your last boot events, run the following in a root console

journalctl -b -1

The following also describes some ways to filter by event priority, user, more.

You can also direct that output to a file if you wish with something like the following

journalctl -b -1 > lastbootlog.txt

In fact, if you create files containing the events of boots for your slow boot and a quick boot, you might also be able to diff the two files

You can then paste the contents of your lastbootlog.txt file to a pastebin, the following are 2 commonly used


tsu2, and it can be simpler?)

find . -type f -mtime -3 -printf "%T+ %p
" | sort | grep -Ev 'cache|mozilla|thumbnails'
  • anything interesting

Open a bug: https://bugzilla.opensuse.org/show_bug.cgi?id=999554

If you had continued your thread a little bit more in this Forum,
We might have been able to help you formulate your bug report a bit further.

Besides Stefan’s question about what your “normal” and “Guest” users are,

  • You need to describe in detail how you launched each test. So, for instance when you launched your Fluxbox, did you do it by first booting into init3 or did you boot into a graphical environment? You should describe each exact step you did, so that anyone can replicate what you found… Without knowing <exactly> what you did, it’s highly unlikely anyone can re-create your problem.

  • Am curious how you lept from the suggestions in this thread to inspect your bootlog to the xsessions log file. Was there something in the bootlog that pointed you in that direction? And, keep in mind that just because an entry warns or complains of something, it’s not necessarily significant enough to cause your CPU usage.

  • The top result you posted doesn’t describe any kind of excessive CPU usage. Note that top reports current, highest and median(or is it mean? - I don’t remember at the moment) values, and IMO none of the values suggests a problem.

  • You have several nvidia drivers listed. You probably need to identify which driver is actually installed. And, this is of course relevant only if your CPU issue is related to video (in fact your bug report is based entirely) which I don’t know is even the case. You should have run systemd-analyze (I don’t know if it’s still in the OSS or not… It was removed awhile back at least temporarily) to identify exactly which boot component may be taking longer and using more resources.