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Thread: Black screen after boot

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    Default Black screen after boot


    I have problem with UI for a few days, after boot it ends with black screen with mouse cursor only (it moves normally).
    I can't switch to text console, it imediatelly switches back to that blackscreen.
    I have AMD GC RX 560 with kernel drivers + OpenCL part from PRO drivers, mesa-dri is installed.

    Thanx for advices


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    Default Re: Black screen after boot

    If your system has existed for awhile, you probably have old kernels still installed.
    Have you tried booting to a previous kernel or repair mode in GRUB? That could narrow down possible causes of your problem to a kernel or graphics driver.

    Have you also tried booting directly to a command prompt?

    And BTW...
    It might be informative to know which Desktop you have installed, and whether you've modified the Display Manager or Window Manager.

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    Default Re: Black screen after boot


    it seems Kernel was not the problem, I have upgraded it separatelly via Yast and everything is OK.
    After subsequent zypper dup problem is there again. Repair mode does not help.

    I have default KDE installed without modifications, only extra thing I have is those opencl driver.


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    Default Re: Black screen after boot

    I have narrowed it to two groups of packages - Mesa (17.2.6 -> 17.3.3) and Plasma (5.11.5 -> 5.11.95).
    Upgrade of any of them is enough to make problems.

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