Zyxel G-302 Ndiswrapper - doesn't work


I upgraded to 11.1 but cannot get my wlan card running. It’s a Zyxel G-302-v3 chip and I use ndiswrapper (as the system hangs already during the installation if the card is plugged in - because of the rtl8180 module, I assume).

I use the latest drivers from Zyxel (g-302-v3_6.0).

I tried to install any version (ndiswrapper -i …), that is the WinXP, Vista, and Win2000 driver. Yet in any case I get (ndiswrapper -l …) - alternate driver rtl8180. And this albeit this driver has been blacklisted (as confirmed by lsmod).

Any idea what could be done else?

Thanks and cheers - DaYong

Fixed - or better found a work around.


I got the same problem: opensuse 11.1 with g_302.
how did you fix that ?

thank you