zypper - yast - suse updater - never understood them

hi all,

can somebody explain me how and why zypper yast and suse updater applet give me every time different set of to be updated packages.
like today i did zypper dup it did updated openoffice icons. then just for fun i went to yast and selected for all packages to be updated if newer version were available and i got k3b and some other packages.
please tell me why zypper dup doesn’t update everything what is there to be updated?

Did you run zypper ref first? Also, why are you running zypper dup instead of zypper up? Zypper dup is for distro upgrade, zypper up is for package updates.

This can be puzzling and a good manual/doc would certainly not hurt.

As I’ve understood so far, zypper dup will bring your official openSUSE related system packages up to date. So basically everything that comes in the OSS (Main), non-OSS and update repositories.

YaST will look into all your repositories for all available update.

These levels can also be set in the update applet, but I don’t use that much so don’t know the details.

Hope that helps (& is correct),

i always run zypper ref then zypper up and then zypper dup

hmmmm…i think you are going to right direction there. looking at the packages updated by yast and zypper you might be right on the spot.

Why not use the “Update System” option in the Application Browser? Does using the zypper commands pull packages otherwise not pulled by that?

Based on my knowledge of other package management system:
zypper up will only update, but will not change the distributor (oss to packman) and will not delete packages that are not updated.

zypper dup will update to the more recent version, regardless of distributor and will delete packages if needed.

It will still adhere to the priority status of each repo. In the case where the default status is used on everything then the point of distributorship has no bearing.

Then you have https://bugzilla.novell.com/show_bug.cgi?id=402770

Hey guys,

  • zypper dup => only oss/nonoss/update repositories goes updated (no 3rd party like packman)
  • zypper up => apply only official security patch
  • zypper up -t package => update all package, including 3rd party packages.

The last one is what most of you want to do. Just do it :slight_smile:

Edit : oops, Redward already gave the right solution :slight_smile:

I have the OBS Games repository with priority 70 while repo-oss has priority 50.
Right now “zypper dup” wants to update wormux and SDL_gfx, both from OBS Games.
wormux was originally installed from from OBS Games, while SDL_gfx was originally installed from repo-oss.
So… dup doesn’t uses only oss/nonoss/update. And what it’s really strange, it doesn’t uses repo priorities.

Right now it only wants to update wormux, no SDL_gfx. So it looks at repo priorities (good!!!).

So yes, right now I would only use “zypper up -t package”. I don’t see the point in updating only some things (zypper up, YaST,updater applet), or in updating without looking at repo priorities (zypper dup, updater applet, YaST).

Might be an idea to post a question in about this in the developer mailing list. If I get around to doing this I might do so… :stuck_out_tongue:

There is some info here : Zypper/Changes/11.0 - openSUSE , but the Zypper page itself is empty, so would be good to add any relevant (and correct) info in there too.