zypper yast segmentation fault

I believe I have this problem. I have the symptoms, messages, and versions.

Bug 504251 - sqlite 3.6.14-8.1 breakes yast & zypper

The problem was reopened, but I don’t see a resolution. Is the fix with sqlite, subversion or zypper? How do I interpret this bugzilla report to get zypper and yast working again?

Thank you.

Yast is working. I downloaded sqlite-devel-3.4.1-14.i586.rpm and sqlite-3.4.1-14.i586.rpm from opensuse and installed them via:

rpm -Uhv --force sqlite-devel-3.4.1-14.i586.rpm sqlite-3.4.1-14.i586.rpm

A combination of the error messages in the y2log log, on the console, and xwindow popup, along with viewing y2logRPM to view what was installed lead me to the “Bug 504251 - sqlite 3.6.14-8.1 breakes yast & zypper” (after a lot of googling), and it seemed to say there was a problem with sqlite, zypper or subversion. I had updated sqlite and subversion.

I’d still be interested in SuSE and/or Bugzilla expert commenting on the status of that bug and it’s resolution. Did I take the right action? Do I dare NEVER update sqlite because it’ll break zypper and yast? I’ll have to verify the status of subversion after all this. I need 1.6, so I might not have a final solution yet.

Thank you.