Zypper / Yast not refreshing the repos due to curl error (8) [404 Error] but works fine in browser


The site opens just fine in browser but neither yast nor zypper is able to refresh it. I’ve tried disabling ipv6 and many other things without any success. I tried editing the address (download.opensuse.org) to ip address and it worked fine for a day. But, then it stopped working all of a sudden. The non-oss one still works though.


[Opensuse Tumbleweed, KDE Plasma 5].

Your repo configuration looks fine.
Not sure why your update is trying to access a different URL.

A possible solution is to re-enable and insert your DVD an disable the problem repo since they’re equivalent.
You can do that with the following commands…

Enable your DVD

zypper mr --enable 1

Then disable your problem repo

zypper mr --disable 5

And, if you want to undo the above, of course just re-run the commands substituting “enable” and “disable” for each command