zypper-upgraderepo 1.2 is out

Fixes and updates applied with this second minor version improved and extended the main functions, let’s see what’s new. If you are new to the zypper-upgraderepo plugin, give a look to the previous article to better understand the mission and the basic usage. Repository check The first important change is inherent the way to check …]


Am posting a response here because Microfocus SSO authentication is broken for the Lizards blogging sites without any known estimate for resolution, and without being able to login there you can’t post a comment.

This seems like an interesting zypper plugin which implements a good idea… being able to retrieve and display a description and list of changes for any zypper upgrade action, both a proposed future upgrade and past historical upgrades.

I couldn’t verify the first case Fabio described to justify his plugin, however…
When I checked my old 42.3, 42.2, 42.1 machines, none of them had that odd “/suse/” appended to the standard repository URL, so what the plugin is supposed to provide is not needed… The sed command described in the “SDB: System Upgrade” article is sufficient and should work in all known scenarios.

Getting a detailed description of upgrades in progress is common in some other distros (eg debian), this is not exactly the same but still probably very useful.