zypper up renders system unusable

I have a problem after running zypper up. Apparantly somehow it upgraded to current factory release…

Problems so far

No network
No x - session
(after a quick hack i have x started but no input devices work)

I think there is something wrong with udev and my xorg.conf

x first complained about InputDevice not being recognised… I moved away my /etc/X11/xorg.conf and got a quick running session (without input devices, so icannot log on) but after a reboot it gives me a “black” screen

While troubleshooting is encountered the problem that my network card is not recognised…

This all points in the direction of udev or whatever to be badly configured during upgrade…

Any pointers to get the system back to work?

Can you post result from a terminal of

zypper lr -d

fraid not…

When i insert a USB stick to copy the output to ( i performed a # zypper lr -d > /root/outputfile )
i have 11 repos installed / enabled | refresh state
1 packman |yes
2 google |no
3 google-chrome |yes
4 jack |no
5 mozilla |no
6 opensuse factory |yes
7 opensuse factory contrib |yes
8 repo-non-oss |no
9 repo-oss |no
10 repo-update |no
11vlc |no

give me six months to type the output of the entire URL’s

If you can’t work from the desktop do it

From level 3 if necessary
Boot to Level 3, then Yast and More… - openSUSE Forums

You can run zypper from a level 3 user login, then become su -

Do this:

zypper rr 11
zypper rr 7
zypper rr 6
zypper dup

reboot when done

i am allready logged in as root by editing the grub line adding “single” it should be possible to start network from here…

but then again

zypper dup will not work … No network…

I see that udev is not started, started it with --daemon, it will recognise the usb stick i put in… (but won’t mount it for it is vfat)

but this opens possibilities… Let me see if i can get the networkcard recognised… (hints are welcome)

So if you do a console login

That’s a kde look. Gnome is different.

But you would normally still have network if you login there at the CLI.

If you can’t get the network going. Do you have the install DVD? And I have a idea…


rebooted to an older kernel, network worked, performed a zypper dup after removing non SuSe maintained repos… halfway zypper complained about lib/libc.so.6version GLIBC_2.11 not founf required by /lib/libreadline.so.6 abd chrashed…

system is dead as a doornail now

What about the Install DVD?

Looks like a re-install, but the install dvd could rescue you

35 minutes left on download

If you have a separate /home

I would just re-install, it’ll be quicker than messing about trying to repair. Just keep /home as it is.

Be careful next install not to add repo’s indiscriminately - 4 basic repos are recommended as per this guide
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

i was trying to get some stuff to work not in the main repo’s…

too bad i could not get all software over… but a reinstall fixxed it…(took me an hour)

Nicely done. Bit of a shame all that.