zypper up 42.3 blank screen

Ok, need your help. I am/was running Leap 42.2 on an Intel 2.4 duo core machine. Nvidia Geforce 9xx series video card. I have windows on one drive Disk0, and leap on a separate drive Disk1. I make my selection at the Bios window. I was having a problem with a leap 42.2 update it kept saying restart required and would fail the update. So, not thinking of there being an update 42.3 I log into a terminal and typed zypper up, later when I came back all I had was the X cursor which I could move around on a blank screen. I ran zypper install-new-recommends accordingly by trying to update the Nvidia drivers it didnt work. I entered yast through the command prompt after I did ctl alt f2, and found out I had some 42.3 links in there. well thru some troubleshooting I managed to not see my Leap install in my grub now. and when i push E there is no linux or linuxefi either. I now it can be fixed Just need some pointers. I’m downloading the 42.3 ISO now.for rescue if need be. Go easy on me still learning and breaking.