Zypper tray icon: why don't allow to force an update?

I think tray icon of zypper should allow to force an update. In this mode, zypper will be asked to keep any earlier version of package if never causes dependency problems. I always select this option, when tray icon on Plasma desktop told me zypper cannot install updates because dependency problems. So why force user to ran terminal? Simple add dbus method to safety force an update (and button to invoke this method from tray).

There is no tray icon of zypper I am aware of.

Do you mean the Update applet that may be shown by a desktop (unfortunately you talk about a tray, but not what desktop you use)?
That applet uses PackageKit, not zypper.

PS, I now see that somwhere deep in your post you mention Plasma.

I mean the applet sitting in tray of Plasma5. I thought it communicate with another service, not PackageKit. It means realize this idea would be harder.

The tray update app communicates with PackageKit. Presumably, PackageKit has opensuse modifications so that it can use “zypplib”. But I think the other issue is that the tray app, as it comes from KDE.org, does not have the capabilities that you want.

Since this a KDE app suggestion, recommend submitting to KDE directly, but either frame your submission as using openSUSE as an example or re-wording more distro agnostic.


Nope. IMHO

  1. It’s a packagekit issue
  2. We’re talking about a systray notifier, not a full blown packagemanager.
  3. Those having issues where ‘force’ would be needed, have an issue with their repos / vendors.