zypper & repo problems

OK, I’m really scratching my head. 1st I thought I’d simply ‘kill’ conflicting process w/ps aux, then kill via ‘pid’. Nooo. See error:
"Problem retrieving files from ‘PK_TMP_DIR’
specified path ‘/var/tmp/TmpDir.txnJUB’ is not allowed as a media
source: dir///var/tmp/TmpDir.txnJUB
see above error message for a hint…
Now, it really gets weird…I’ve used cli to rmdir the dir shown in the error message…also used mc as root…also logout and also rebooted, but still this doggone dir is there! Anybody knows what gives??? I can’t update/install any pkgs.
Take Care. Have A Healthy, Prosperous Day!

Not what I call careful, healthy, and a not so prosperous result :wink: Thanks for your wishes.

Never remove things from /tmp or /var/tmp, if needed do so through setting the system to clear the tmpdirs at boot. Done so through Yast - System - Sysconfigeditor, search for TMP, set to clear at boot.
Do this first, reboot and get back here with results.