zypper remove -u WITH all recommends package

I’m looking for solution for zypper.
Zypper does not remove applications recommended by others previously installed on your system.
Aptitude as standard also does not but in its case just add the following lines:

APT::Install-Suggests "false";
APT::AutoRemove::RecommendsImportant "false";
APT::AutoRemove::SuggestsImportant "false";

in the file */etc/apt/apt.conf *and delete all the packages.

Currently we don’t have a tool that removes dependencies.

I came across the debian “autoremove” on one system recently…
You don’t have to add those lines anywhere, just run the command in a console

Only on deb systems


And it’ll go through your system and do its cleaning.


Hi, welcome

This is a feature not yet implemented, but one can avoid recommends to be installed by adding " --no-recommends ". But, to be honest, I don’t bother too much, even install the recommends.