Zypper refresh errors


I have been using OpenSuse on my laptop with relatively little issues for about six months. Today, after I booted it up and logged in zypper appears to be having trouble connecting to any repositories.

It had been maybe a month since I had used this laptop, and so when I searched for a package through zypper I got that a lot of repositories were out of date. When I went to refresh zypper I get errors for almost every single repository that go like this:

Download (curl) error for 'http://download.opensuse.org/update/leap/42.3/oss/repodata/f60c03aa84ef5c2f5bcf9e5ae852c71699dd4e48d225524628332b73254c6ad1-primary.xml.gz':
Error code: HTTP response: 500
Error message: The requested URL returned error: 500 Internal Server Error

If I open the url in a browser I am able to load it. Because most repositories are throwing this error I am unable to install anything with zypper at the moment.

I have already tried

zypper clear


Any help is greatly appreciated.

Yes, this is a known issue with the repos currently. Be patient - it will be resolved soon…

zypper up: Permission to access denied! - Install/Boot/Login - openSUSE Forums!

Fair enough. If its known, and should be fixed, I can wait.

Thank you, I guess my google skills were lacking in this case, a couple hours but couldn’t get to that thread…

I have seen reports that it works again.