Zypper question

Hi, I am running 11.4 64bit. I also enabled the Tumbleweed repository.

When I check for updates zypper sees no updates. When I manually check packages I see there are new updates because I have the possibility to upgrade.

I.E. Mozilla repository offers the 4.0 release
Tumbleweed offers a new kernel

I thought, when using 11.3, that all new software were listed as updates when you opened the software manager? When I change priorities from 99 to 90 or something nothing happens.

I don’t think you the updates are sufficient. The Tumbleweed page does say to use “zypper dup --from Tumbleweed” when you want to be updated to the current Tumbleweed level.

This is what it says:

“Do a distro update from Tumbleweed as needed. The first time you will need to accept the GPG key:”

To me this means if I need to update my distro, like from 11.3 to 11.4.

And also in other repositories I see new files that don’t get listed as updates.

This is because You have to switch the vendor for those packages. OpenSUSE doesn’t change the vendor of packages even if newer version exists unless You do a zypper dup and only then the priorities come to play (zypper up doesn’t switch package vendor). You can also do this manually using YaST and switching system packages to the versions frome some repo.

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Ah ok. Thanks.

Then I have one last question; In 11.3 it did show them and if you choose to install it asked you if you wanted to do a vendor change. Personally I thought this was horrible for none nerd users. But is it still possible to flip some switch and make zypper show them? This because I now get the feeling I need to check software manually if some vendor has a new version that might solve a problem.

Nope. It cheks for updates from vendors I have configured for me automatically. I think it depends on how You have Kpackagekit configured. Are You sure “zypper up” from terminal doesn’t show latest packages after You switch the vendor ?

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I just installed FF4.0 from the Mozilla repo and it asked me to change vendor. So that works. Zypper up now shows me some updates, it didn’t do that before. (I use gnome btw)

What if tomorrow k3b, which I installed from repo a has an update in repo b
How will I know this without checking this myself?

I thought Tumbleweed just gave me new software as updates in the software manager, now, I understand, I have to zypper dup myself to get them.

Yes this is the way it worked in 11.3 as well.

You won’t know this.

Yes but after it’s done all the packages that Tumbleweed provides will come from Tumbleweed repo and “zypper up” will show latest versions of packages from that repo automatically.

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Ok thanks!

I never realized 11.3 did this. I must have installed stuff then to trigger those updates without knowing :slight_smile:

There is a switch in YaST to voilate the rule of not changing the vendor of packages without user interaction. When You uncheck that switch I guess it will change the vendors of packages according to the priorities You’ve got (the ones with lowest priorities will be chosen) but I’m not sure about this.

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Chapter 4. Installing or Removing Software

This is quite a nice page. Look at the bottom to see how to configure the gnome graphical updater.

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