Zypper not functioning - Error: repo-oss already exists

I’m on a basically fresh install of Tumbleweed and I am unable to install anything through zypper.


The repo already exists according to zypper lr --url so I don’t know why it even wants to add it again.

zypper lr --url output (a bit annoying you can only put 1 image per post)

Remove repo 2, 3 and 4.

That did not help at all and just gave me even more issues.

I now rolled back to snapshot before I removed the repositories mentioned by hui

Issue of course still persists.

“Could not resolve host” can not be caused by removing repositories. You seem to have multiple issues: broken repo list and broken internet connection…

Hi, AFAIK the cdn network is just for testing at present… if you are then you need to report as per the Factory Mailing list…

Else switch to the default download.opensuse.org or mirrocache.

I have now replaced ever cdn with download however the error still persists with any zypper install I try.

What I really don’t understand is why it wants to add a repo that already exists.

Simply exchanging the URL is not the way how to remove CDN . You still have the package installed which tries to set up CDN. This is mentioned in the last part:

Follow this instructions:

@Kyoto Hi, try https not http…

I followed the instructions from the github link and changed http to https and it works now.

Thanks for the help.

However still weird that a fresh install of tumblweed uses the cdn stuff as default.