zypper lp command gives me error. Need help

I’m trying to list patches in suse linux GCE using the zypper lp command, but I am getting the following error:

"Medium not attached: plugin:/susecloud?credentials=Basesystem_Module_x86_64&path=/repo/SUSE/Products/SLE-Module-Basesystem/15/x86_64/product/
Abort, retry, ignore? [a/r/i/…? shows all options] (a): "

I used the same command for another suse machine, and it worked, but it doesn’t work on this machine and 1 other. Not sure what the problem is. Anyone experienced this before?

To begin with you choose OTHER VERSION for your version of openSUSE, but to failed to tell which other version that is.

I think I can deduct from the rest of your post that you do not use openSUSE at all, but SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLES or SLED).

In that case this is the wrong place. Better go to http://forums.suse.com/